Privacy Policy

Data We Collect

  • 23andMe : We collect your ancestry data to enable visualizations of your ancestry. We collect your name, but do not store it. This allows you to identify specific chips in your account you want to link. We collect maternal and paternal haplotype data, as well as the full genome data, for research purposes. This data will only be accessed by Infinome researchers, and will not be shared with outside parties.
  • Fitness trackers (Fitbit, Jawbone, Moves, Withings, Bodymedia) : We collect steps per day, and when available, calories burned, sleep data, and body measurements data for research purposes. This data will not be shared with outside parties.
  • Social Features: Our app has optional social features that allow integration with Facebook. If you link your Facebook profile, the ancestry visualizer will additionally show you the ancestral breakdown of your friends. To enable this, we collect your name, profile image, and friends list from Facebook. We don't give Facebook ANY data back.

Data Retention

We will delete any data from any collected services when you unlink those accounts.


Infinome runs its own servers where the data is aggregated and studied. We do not share your data with anyone without permission.


Your data is encrypted at rest on Infinome's servers and in transit over https (SSL). We make security an utmost priority.