infinome is an open science movement that aims to move genetic research out of the lab and into the real world. The experiment and its results will be freely available to all. Anyone with data can anonymously participate.

Our core mission is to extend as many lives as possible. We envision a world where people are no longer limited by their genes.

Our Mission

  • To extend as many lives as possible
  • Identify the lifestyles (exercise, eating, and sleeping patterns) that promote optimum health
  • Learn about the genetic basis of disease, so future scientists may create therapies
  • To educate the public on the biological basis of these diseases

Our Team

Infinome was founded by scientists passionate about human health.

Clinton Mielke, PhD

My family has a strong genetic predisposition to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and I've suffered severe obesity and sleep problems for most of my life. I was sick of being sick, so I left my astronomy career behind and completed PhD research at the Mayo Clinic on metabolic syndrome. I learned enough about my metabolism to get healthy, but it was a long journey of taking my life back.

I have devoted my life to solving this medical crisis so no one else has to be limited by their health. Infinome is my fight for the millions of people still struggling to get healthy.

Clinton Mielke

Roeland Hancock, PhD

Roeland is a post-doctoral fellow at UCSF. His research focuses on identifying genetic factors underlying individual differences in language processing and brain organization.