Help us fight preventable disease

Want to help science cure chronic diseases? Tracking your health produces valuable data!

Step 1 : Get Your DNA Tested

We need lots of genetic data to study. Luckily, its easy and cheap to have your own genome tested for common variants. Several Direct-to-Consumer companies will test the DNA in your saliva and provide the raw data. To start, we will be supporting data from 23andMe kits.

Step 2 : Track your health

According to WHO, High blood pressure and excess body weight are leading causes of death.

Our project support weight measurements from FitBit Aria and Withings scales, and blood pressure measurements from the Withings blood pressure monitor. These devices log the data automatically, allowing you to spot changes over time.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Step 3 : Track your activity

Activity trackers count your footsteps, estimate calories burned, and track your sleep patterns. Even if you don't lose weight, regular exercise will extend your lifespan. So get moving! Using an activity tracker can help you stay motivated.

Initially our experiment supports data import from the Withings Pulse and FitBit trackers. BodyMedia and Jawbone UP will be supported later.

Withings Pulse

These trackers automatically record everything, making monitoring easy.
Data like this can help you, your doctor, and even scientists. So start tracking NOW

We're scientists, and we're going to use this data to save the world. Here's how

Tracking your health indicators and exercise habits over time can allow you to spot trends. This data can also benefit science!