The current life expectancy in the USA is

The Leading Cause of Death is Heart Disease (24.3%)

Followed by Various Cancers (23.3%)

(Percentage of Cancer Deaths)

Lung (27 %)
Colon (9.1 %)
Breast (7.2 %)
Prostate (4.9 %)

Source : CDC

Top 7 Health Risk Factors

Percentage of Deaths in Developed Countries

Tobacco Use (17.9 %)
High Blood Pressure (16.8 %)
High Blood Glucose (7 %)
Lack of Exercise (7.7 %)
Being Overweight (8.4 %)
High Cholesterol (5.8 %)
Low Fruit & Vegetable Intake (2.5 %)
Source: WHO

Tobacco causes high blood pressure and lung cancer, the biggest cancer killer

The remaining risks account for 3 out of 4 cases of ischaemic heart disease

Body Mass Index (BMI) is only a rough estimate of your health, but predicts human lifespan.
People who are obese live an average ten years less than people of normal weight. Type in your height and weight to see what your risk is.
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This is a BIG problem

Despite all that we know about metabolic syndrome, it shows no signs of stopping. People just can't seem to lose the weight. Scientists have finally begun to learn the biological and genetic basis of the disease.