infinome is a citizen science experiment to help people lose weight, feel better, and live longer. By bringing together the right data we can understand the interactions between genetics and lifestyle for the good of science!

Anyone can participate. With the right data, we can all fit better into our genes!

Understand Your Genome With visualizations used by researchers

Our tools give you an overview of the genetic risk profile of several diseases, and match you with open-access literature written about specific genetic variants.

Compare your Fitness Stats

Our tools let you compare your fitness tracker data to the background population, and with friends on Facebook.

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Know Thyself

Learn about the health problems that cost the most lives. Get your genome tested to understand your risks for diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.


Track Your Health

New devices make it easy to monitor your health, sleep, and exercise. Having this data can help down the road, but only if you track now!


Join The Fight

Contribute your data to an open genomics experiment. With enough data, we might extend the lives of millions of people!