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Losing weight and staying healthy is tough, but you don't have to fight alone!
Get fit with friends and help science cure obesity for good.

Gain Insights To Your Health

Get Fit With Friends

Help Scientific Research

Stay fit with friends.Spot trends!

Our app gives you insights into how your exercise compares to friends. Your data is anonymous unless you choose to share.

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Understand your genes.

With your 23andMe data, explore your ancestry with friends and family.

Help scientists understand health and disease

Your health is defined by complex interactions between your genes and environment. Infinome is an open science movement that anyone can participate in. By bringing together this data we can finally learn how much exercise everyone needs to stay healthy.

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infinome is a free science experiment that anyone can join!

Help us cure obesity for good

Step 1

Track your steps and sleep with a wearable like Fitbit or Jawbone





Step 2

Get your genome tested with 23andMe

Step 3

Tell your friends!

infinome needs data from many people to truly benefit the health of millions

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