infinome is a growing number of people who are unifying their fitness tracker data for the good of science

*BMI of experiment participants

This is a BIG problem, and it's killing us

Answer: science

The Setpoint

Your body has a weight setpoint. When you lose fat, your metabolism decreases to preserve energy and prevent starvation. This is why most diets fail.

In the brain, special neurons sense hormones and regulate metabolism and appetite. If you have too much fat, your brain directly signals your fat cells to release their energy.

It works like a fuel gauge. People gain excess fat when this gauge isn't sensitive enough.

A recent study used fitness trackers to determine the relationship between genes and exercise to body mass index (BMI). They discovered that people with specific genetic markers had to exercise 3-4 hours more per day to stay thin.

This study only tested 700 people, and a single gene. infinome will test many more people and genes

infinome is a free science experiment that anyone can join!

Help us cure obesity for good

Step 1

Track your steps and sleep with a wearable like Fitbit or Jawbone





Step 2

Get your genome tested with 23andMe

Step 3

Tell your friends!

infinome needs data from many people to truly benefit the health of millions

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